How my Tarot journey started

It was a cold December evening when I had my appointment with the well known Tarot Reader. I was living in Poland at the time, I was 20 and engaged to a guy that I did not love. I wanted to know how my nearer future would look like, my career etc. Of course nobody can tell you this – he said – The future is not written in stone. You are the one who create your future. Ok, so what you can tell me then? – I answered, a bit disappointed. And then he started shuffling the cards and spreading them in front of me. He told me everything. What were my dreams and fears and how I could make my dreams come true and how to overcome my fears. What were my strengths and weaknesses. What was my biggest virtue and what personality I had. What I should be directing my career at to be happy, what I think makes me happy and what it really makes me happy. And yes, he said that I didn’t not love my fiance and I would rather divorce him.

I left and after many years I realised that I did not use the information that he gave me. He was right or should I say, the cards were right. I could have gone in different direction but I didn’t. But I also do not believe in regrets. This is the past and I cannot change that. And yes, I divorced my husband (and another one) and he was right – I am the happiest being alone.

I did not go to any other Tarot reader for a long time. 14 years ago I came to Ireland and I started the new chapter of my life. And one day, completely by accident, I decided to contact a Tarot Reader again. I found this lady on an esoteric portal. I asked her few questions and she told me how the cards were seeing the situation. She was very wise, helpful and full of understanding. Since then I began to contact her once, twice per year when something important was happening. What I understood after her readings was that I already had answers within me and I subconsciously knew what to do, Tarot helped me to get these answers out and to see the bigger picture.

Unfortunately this lady passed away 3 years ago. She was at my mother’s age and I always treated her like my other mum. Later on I found out that she was alone and her only family were the people who ran the esoteric portal. I was really upset when I got the news about her death. She was always telling me that she saw in her cards that I have the same gift like her and she tried to encourage me to study Tarot.

Only then, after her death, I knew that I wanted to buy a Tarot deck and do the reading. I ordered Raider – Waite deck and when I opened it and touched the cards, very carefully one by one, I felt like it was going to happen.

I started to learn by reading the books and watching videos, I also completed a diploma in Tarot Reading. But I think it is not about that. Everybody can learn the meanings and finished the course. It is all about the connection with cards and the intuition. It is hard to explain but when I do the spread and look at the cards, the answers and meanings are coming into my mind.

I did many reading for my friends, then to some strangers who found me on Tarot groups. Then these people recommended me to their friends and then they recommended me further to their friends 🙂 I hope that I helped some of them.

Well, this is the story of how it all began. I started this blog to share my passion and my knowledge and to get connected to other Tarot Readers and Tarot lovers.

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