Three of cats ;)

My card for the day is three of cups – I said to my partner. Three of cats? – he misunderstood. No,cups. Cups – I answered and explained the meaning to him. Well… he was right.

I am a slave to two cats already, they are 7 and 6 years old. I got the first one and I said: one is enough. But my boyfriend thought it would be better for her to have a friend to play with when we are at work, so I got another kitten. He was a rescue cat, part of the litter that was born in the underground car park at my workplace. So we ended up with two cats. I had to buy an apartment because it was almost impossible to rent a space with pets. After buying an apartment I had to fight to change house rules to allow owners-occupiers to have cats.

Of course the third cat was out of question, and we didn’t even think about it. But last week my partner said that there was a little kitten wandering around his workplace (my partner is a bar manager) looking hungry and miserable. It had a collar so my partner thought it belonged to somebody. The next day was the same, and another day as well. The kitten started to be fed by the bar staff and people started to look for an owner. The day when I picked three of cups it was an awful weather. It was raining cats and dogs and my partner called me and said that we should take the kitten home. I went to collect her – we though at that point it was a girl. She was so wet and tiny. She did not protest when I put her to the carrier and seemed to be more than happy to end up in a warm place with plenty of food in a dish πŸ™‚

Both my cats were… well, not very impressed but not hostile as well. Little ginger girl did not mind, she just wanted to eat, drink, climb a human and sleep. Later on she ended up sleeping on a bed with my partner (we have separate bedrooms because we prefer to sleep with cats πŸ˜‰ )

Next day we went to the vet to check if she had been chipped (she wasn’t) and we found out that she is actually him πŸ™‚ Nobody reported the missing kitten to any of our vets. We posted stuff on social media and we put some posters in local bars and shops. Our town is very small and everybody knows everything… but nobody didn’t know about missing kitten.

We decided that we will keep the kitten and try to find the owner, if nobody claims it we would put him for adoption. Well, that was the plan. But the kitten is so cute… cuddly, playful, uses litter box and seems to be very happy in our place. My heart would break if I had to give it up.

You see, three of cats – my partner said. Tarot is telling you to have three cats… So at the moment the kitten is with us, nothing set in stone yet but if our two cats do not mind maybe… maybe we will get crazy and keep him. So, if you get 3 of cups as your daily card be careful… be very careful πŸ˜‰

Tarot of Pagan Cats

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