Free Tarot Readings till Christmas

I remember the first time when I was doing a reading for the complete stranger. I did the spread, looked at it and analysed very carefully. The cards spoke to me clearly but I still was not 100% confident. I remember my joy when this person said that I was on point and that I helped them to see things in a new light and to make decisions. To be honest I am still a bit anxious when I reveal what I see in cards and when I wait for the querent to contact me back (I usually do the readings online). What if they say that it is absolute bullshit 😉 Well, it never happened yet and I always have a great feedback but even the doctors make mistakes sometimes…

I tried to understand how this works. Why the cards are so accurate? In my profession I use numbers and calculations and I need to know why A + B = C 😉 So I read many theories and possible explanations on how come that the pictures on the cardboard can deliver such a great analysis of somebody’s issues. I came across Carl Yung’s theory of synchronicity and collective unconscious – very complicated stuff and not really explaining why the specific cards are showing up in a spread for a specific querent.

Vincent Pitisci came up with Conceptual Blending Theory – it is basically the brainstorm of ideas and creative solutions that comes to a reader’s mind when they interpret the cards. You map the question out by using a specific spread. You assign fixed element to the question: why? how? when? what? etc. Then you add “random stimulus” in a form of a Tarot card to discover new and original ideas. It would make sense to me if the reader would end up with the same interpretation each time, no matter what cards are picked. The process of picking the specific cards is still unexplainable to me.

And if you are the reader yourself – have you noticed that sometimes the cards just don’t want to work? Either they have enough (hello, Working Time Act 😉 ) or they are just not in the mood… I can notice that straight away and I need to respect that. How this can be explained?

If you wish to get a reading from me please check my Facebook Page. I do free readings till Christmas for those who like my new page and I only ask for a review or recommendation if you are happy with the reading.

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