Tarot Map of Dreams

I believe in Law of Attraction and the Power of our Subconscious Mind. How does it go with Tarot cards? – I was asked – Surely if you believe that you get what you want no matter what, you cannot believe in Tarot’s predictions and divination.

I needed to explain that Tarot is about energy and so is the Law of Attraction. I do not use cards to tell what will happen but what are the energies around the querent that can lead to future events. If you do not wish them to happen – act. If you wish them to happen – act as well. We are not puppets, we can create our future according to our dreams.

But be aware – sometimes the things that you wish for are not the best for you. I am sure that the Universe knows that and corrects your desires. If you wished to get that specific job so hard but you didn’t, it doesn’t mean that the Law of Attraction is not working. This job was obviously not the one! If you wish to keep your relationship going but it is splitting apart – do accept that it he/she is not the one. It is a great wisdom to accept what we cannot change and to have courage to change what is not good for us – and to understand which is which. Tarot reading can help to understand.

On the 31st December, every year, I create a Map of Dreams. You might have heard about it or maybe you do it as well. This is basically a board with all the things that you want to get next year. I usually draw them or I just pin the photos or drawings that represent my wishes. You can find many inspirations on internet by googling “map of dreams”. You can wish for material objects like for example a new car (make sure you wish for the specific model) or for things like love but again make sure that you describe the right person in detail.

This year I am going to use the images from Tarot to create my map. I find them to be perfect for it! Ace of Cups is pure manifestation of Law of Attraction… If you wish to get pregnant use The Sun card. If you wish for Love – 2 of cups. What partner are you looking for? Romantic like Knight of Cups or older and with authority like The Emperor? Passing exams – the Hierophant? Buying the house – 10 of pentacles? And maybe you finally want to get a little kitten – the Queen of Wands will be perfect as she has a cat with her 😉 Everything can me manifested with Tarot Cards. And when the map is done, there are specific Tarot spreads to help to attract your wishes.

Happy New Year!

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