Three cards for 2021

I pulled 3 cards for myself to describe the main events/experiences in 2021. We will check in December if the cards were right 😉

7 of Wands – for me this card is showing that there will be many challenges during the year but I am well equipped to go through them. The man on the card is holding a long stick and is fighting with wands that attack from each direction. But the wands are short, the man is on the top and is defending himself with success. I will prevail, I will succeed 🙂

10 of pentacles – end of a cycle, enjoying what I achieved. Life is abundant and comfortable, I have it all. An old man is looking at the younger generations and the animals. He worked hard to secure his family’s wealth. I will feel this year that my financial and work situation is stable and brings me security and happiness.

Ace of pentacles – oh this is a good card for me. A hand is offering me the coin and I can see the beautiful road leading to a walled garden. I will be presented with new opportunities and as pentacle suit means earthy stuff like job, home, money – I will be offered a new job, I would even say a new path in my career.

I love my cards for 2021 and I hope that I will spot and use all opportunities to make this happen!

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