Energy of the Swords – Three of Swords

People don’t like the suit of Swords. I do 🙂 Swords court cards are like Lannister family to me – intelligent, sometimes arrogant, well educated, proud, clever, brave, ready to do bad stuff to win but also very much about their family, properties and name. Natural born rulers. Swords pip cards, like no others, can say a lot about the querent’s feelings about themselves. For me the suit of cups usually show how we feel about others or how others feel about us and swords will tell us about our attitude to ourselves.

One of my friends kept picking 3 of swords as the daily or the weekly card. She wasn’t happy about that, thinking that her husband might be cheating on her, someone is going to hurt her or betray her. My interpretation was different. I told her that the card shows that she is hurting herself. Either she thinks that she is not good enough or that she always criticize herself. Did she hurt her heart – her feelings and self love – with sharp swords of her own destructive thoughts? Yes, she did.

After being advised by the card she changed her behaviour. Every morning after she woke up, she was saying that she loves herself. She stopped being over critical and over hard to herself. She stopped thinking that others might betray her.

The 3 of swords calls us to stop being our own enemy. We have to love ourselves and our thoughts should help us grow and believe in ourselves, not to hurt us.

There are few other swords pip cards that point to our own thoughts and their destructive power. 8 of swords indicates that our own opinions and thoughts keep us stuck in the bad situation. We could move forward but we do not believe that we can. We could enjoy the beauty of the world but we are overcome by fears that are only in our head. 9 of swords literally tells us that our thoughts keep us awake at night.

So if you pull any of these cards in your energy reading or weekly/daily reading – look at yourself and your thoughts and learn from that.

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